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The mission of the Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts to promote and support land conservation excellence in Colorado through leadership, advocacy, education, and outreach.




Acting Exeuctive Director: Amanda Barker

Amanda is the Acting Executive Director at Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts, overseeing operations and programs which improve conservation standards and educational offerings for conservation professionals in Colorado. She received her Masters in Environmental Policy and Planning from the University of Michigan, focusing on conflict resolution and collaborative land management in the West. Her undergraduate degree was in geology from Washington University in St. Louis. She has also served in Peace Corps Madagascar as an agriculture volunteer.


Board of Directors (click here for bios)


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By joining together, CCLT has advanced land conservation, and to date has ensured the preservation of an area nearly seven times the size of Rocky Mountain National Park!

The Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts is the collective voice for land conservation in Colorado. Our 50 member land trusts and local government open space programs have protected nearly 2 million acres of Colorado's wildlife habitat, working farms and ranches, and significant natural landscapes. The Coalition promotes and supports land conservation excellence through leadership, advocacy, education and outreach.

CCLT was established in 1991 by concerned citizens and land trust practitioners to promote land conservation at a state level and to provide coordination, collaboration and professionalism among the state’s land trusts and governmental organizations involved in land conservation.

Today the organization is governed by an active twelve-member board consisting of representatives from member organizations across the state as well as other conservation professionals and individuals who care passionately about preserving Colorado's urban parks, open spaces, and working farms and ranches.
Colorado currently has 4.3 million residents, a number which is expected to increase to 5.3 million in the next ten years. As the population escalates, the demand for parks and open space grows, and the pressures increase to convert ranchlands into subdivisions and wildlife habitat into ranchettes. CCLT works to secure public policy support for increasing open space and preserving agricultural land and water ways, and provides on-going education for members to ensure that conservation organizations have the knowledge and skills to conserve land in a way that is cost-effective and lasting.

Together, members of CCLT have preserved more than 2 million acres of Colorado’s most cherished lands, including:

  • Family Farms and Ranches,
  • Wildlife Habitat,
  • Popular Trails and Recreational Areas, and Scenic Vistas that have made Colorado famous

Colorado is one of the most effective states in the country when it comes to conservation activity.  

Only two other states rank higher in the amount of land protected by conservation easements!

How you can help…

Because it is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, CCLT depends on a diverse funding base to fulfill its important mission.  We are supported by membership dues, foundation grants, and sponsors.  But most importantly, we depend on the generosity of individuals and businesses to support out work. Go to our support page to find out more about how you can be a part of CCLT's work.

Membership for Land Conservation Organizations: Voting membership is open to any nonprofit land trust and local government open space program whose purpose is to preserve land and water resources through conservation transactions.  Organizational Members have a variety of benefits oulined in CCLT's membership policy and pay annual dues.